Food and Drink Restaurant in Sandton | Saint Restaurant
In every soul
beats two hearts,
an epic battle
waging between them.

Good and bad, right and wrong, pure and depraved.

The one heart, dark as night, beats with a relentless syncopation
ravenous for passion and seduction. It hungers for likes, double takes,
the flash of the camera, being wanted, becoming famous.

In the other, ebbs a cadence, slowly, gently pining for the pure, the safe,
for all that’s good and right. It shines in absence, flourishes as a wallflower,
overjoyed at being overlooked.

So, when you wonder which one will win the fight for your soul today,
know that it all depends which one you feed tonight.

Saint is the culinary duel of our inner conflict, incarnate. The push and pull
of light and dark. Good and bad. The tussle between yes and no, now and never.

The decadent mingling dangerously the divine.
Dangling the new treacherously over old and daring them to mix.


Guided by head chef, David Higgs and trained by the best in Milan, our chefs bring their knowledge and skill to fire-top and perfectly hand-made pizza from scratch, using imported wood-fire ovens from Naples.

“Through seasoning we reach simplicity. Through sweetening we spice. We have made Italian our way. Crazy, beautiful and true to us. Because, one man’s virtue is really just another man’s sin.”

– Head chef, David Higgs